Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Like a bazzillion other folk, I submitted some comic strips to Clint magazine. And then got ignored.

One of these was Malignancy. This is based on an idea I had years ago - a prose version, called If Thy Hand Offend Thee, made the Top 50 Short List in SFX's Pulp Idol back in 2007 (and you'll be able to read that version in an upcoming Starscape magazine, illustrated by Matt Soffe).

When I turned it into Malignancy, though, I made it a little more... visual. And Dave Thomson did a great job drawing it. I also have to give great credit to Jim Campbell, who kindly lettered it for nowt. His insightful blog is here

And here's a look at Malignancy.

It's now been posted on the American comic site Hadron Colliderscope. 

You can read it there by following this link. Only, it's not safe for work so be careful if anyone is looking over your shoulder. And don't tell my mum about it.

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