Thursday, 8 March 2012

I'm in Zarjaz. Yay me!

I'm talking to you, punk!

Did you know that if you have something in the small press then there's a legal requirement to post about it on your blog? s'true, that. Why else does everyone do it, mm?

And as I'm in the current Zarjaz with Rich Pickings, sublimely illustrated by George Coleman, then I better do mention it here - hadn't I? Especially as it's a story featuring the ultimate Lawman, Dredd himself!

I've never been in Zarjaz and never written a Dredd before, so I am proud of this. I'm gonna try to get it coloured, too.

Also, credit where credit is due: the idea of the story (well, the future-sport of competitive nose-picking) came from a boozy get together of some 2000ad fans in 2010. That said, the idea from the get together earlier this year, well, that is unlikely to get written by anyone any time soon.

Friday, 2 March 2012

He watches from the cracks behind your eyes

Clearasil isn't going to cut it this time.

So I blunder on.

Sometime I write stuff and sometimes artists make it into pretty pictures. Then you get something like this.

Jon Taylor can draw. He says his "hand just took over". What he means is that he was possessed and must be watched for signs of inter-dimensional madness.

This is from a 10 page strip coming later this year to a small press mag somewhere in your insignificant world, mortals! I dare not say more for fear of tearing apart the veil over your puny minds.