Sunday, 22 July 2012

Sick kids, sick wives and splash pages: A crisis of confidence


By Jon Taylor, from a story I've written and to appear in Dogbreath sometime soon.


Owen Watts's colouring of George Coleman's art of Rich Pickings, which was in Zarjaz 14. This colouring is done and it should be on the Zarjaz site in a little while.

Cause of death? Let's just say, Dredd and Alpha REALLY don't like helmet gags.

A panel from Spike, which will appear in Futurequake, by Jon Taylor again. I feel kinda bad as this page was re-written and this panel was dropped.

This stuff has been posted because my wife and one of my children have both been sick (that is, "in hospital sick" rather than "got a snivel sick") over the last few months. I'm therefore using that as an excuse for not writing as much as I want - well, that and Mass Effect 3 and Diablo 3. As a result, I'm suffering a crisis of confidence. I've got three scripts and a 10,000 word story sitting on my computer that need edited and submitted to somewhere (anywhere!) but I've not shown them to anyone and feel quite nervous about it.

So, these pictures are here to prove to myself that I can still write stuff that people will draw and print. Although getting paid for it seems somewhat harder.

Writing is not like riding a bike. It's less fun, harder, and if I stop then I fear I may never start again. Also, if you put a playing card between the keys on your keyboard it doesn't make a cool noise that lets you pretend you're on a motorbike.