Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Something Bad.

Dave didn't like strangers touching his Kindle.

"What's this?" I hear you cry. It's only a cover by Neil McClements for my current obsession - I'm going to collect what I think are my better scripts into a bound comic, to accompany submissions in an effort to stand out from the slush pile. It's to get a logo on it.

I'm very grateful to Neil for doing it.

It's not going to be sold because the stories in it will be from other things, like Hadron Colliderscope and Zarjaz, and some of them won't have been published there by the time this is finished. And because I'm lazy. And fearful no one would be interested.

No idea if it will work. If it doesn't then is it vanity publishing, even if no one else sees it?

(And I have a three page script I'd like to put in it - if anyone wants to draw it then let me know, as I'm not printing it until November).

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